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Want ad rules 4/9/15 (updated)

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Steve Worcester, Apr 4, 2008.

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  1. Steve Worcester

    Steve Worcester Admin Emeritus

    Apr 9, 2004
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    Plano, Texas
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    The following rules apply to the want-ads portion of the AAW forums. If
    a want-ad is posted and it is in the "disallowed" list, the ad will be
    deleted by the moderators without advanced notice. Want ads also expire after 30 days, at that point they will be deleted. They will also be deleted if the item is sold. This is not eBay or Craigslist and is not intended to be.
    The main objective of the want-ad forum is to allow individuals to sell, trade, or acquire equipment, tools, and other such items for woodturning.

    - PLEASE post your email address or phone number.
    - You should also post a description of the item(s), and a photo works a lot better.

    AAW Want Ads rules:
    a) These want ads are for any forum member.
    b) The AAW is not responsible for any content of the ads.
    c) Any agreements are between the buyer and seller.
    d) There is a 30 day time limit then they are deleted. Once deleted, they are gone forever and cannot be undeleted.
    If you are approaching 30 days and have not sold, attach a reply to the original post saying it is still for sale.
    e) You MUST post where the item is located, the price and include for pick up only or something about shipping costs.
    6) We highly recommend you put the city or location in the title, especially for large items like saws and lathes

    What is Allowed or Dis-Allowed?

    Allowed items (which are encouraged):
    1) Individual want-ads and want-to-buy ads are encouraged. In the
    subject line of your item, please indicate "for sale" or "want to buy".
    Typical items are tools and equipment. However there are other items
    which could come up. As an example, you may have purchased 50 gallons
    of wood finish and you want to sell half of it to someone.
    2) MUST include contact information, including email, and general
    geographic location (city and state) as well as the selling price or an OBO (Or Best Offer request).

    Disallowed items:
    1) Commercial ads are disallowed. A commercial ad is an advertisement
    for a product or a business where the main objective is a long term
    profit on repeated sales. If you have a business and want to place a
    want ad thru the AAW, please contact the editor of the AW Journal to
    post an ad in the quarterly journal.
    2) Sales of services, schools, woodturning classes, and similar items
    are disallowed. Similar to item #1 in this list, please contact the AAW
    Journal for items of this type.
    3) Sales of woodturnings are disallowed. The AAW website cannot be used
    to sell bowls, pens, and other turned items. For this type of activity
    you need to setup your own website or market your goods thru some other
    4) Auctions are disallowed unless you are advertising a charity auction, these are taken on a case by case basis and will require moderators permission.
    5) No eBay or Craigslist links.

    Managing a Want-Ad
    Once you post a want-ad it will appear on the forum. Want-ads can't be deleted. If you sell your item, or if the want-ad is no longer viable, then you can simply add a message "item sold" or something similar. Also you can edit your original posting to indicate changes such as "items 3 and 4 were sold, items 1 and 2 are still available".
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