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Thread Cutting Jig

Discussion in 'Want To Buy' started by Richard January, Sep 3, 2020.

  1. Richard January

    Richard January

    Apr 2, 2020
    Location (City & State):
    Gilbert, AZ
    Looking for a thread Cutting Jig for use with turned boxes
  2. Mike Johnson

    Mike Johnson

    Jul 26, 2016
    Location (City & State):
    What is the size of the lathe you intend to do the thread cutting on? (Threading jigs are manufactured for a specific range of size to work properly.)
    What is thread pitch you want to cut on your turned box? (Threading Jigs use different thread pitch spindles for cutting different size threads.)
    What is the thread pitch of the face plate and chucks you plan on using to hold your turned boxes? (Your face plate or chuck needs to match the thread pitch mounting for the threading jig.)
    Some turners will build a dedicated threading jig system that is separate from the lathe to avoid any issues listed above. (This eliminates set-up and removal every time you cut a thread)
    You can review the different threading jigs available by watching YouTube videos and get a fairly good idea on what might be important to your needs.
    There are also several videos on YouTube that show dedicated threading jigs that are separate from the lathe.

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