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Modified dust collection holder

Discussion in 'Woodturning Discussion Forum' started by John Hicks, Nov 15, 2020.

  1. John Hicks

    John Hicks

    Jan 23, 2020
    Location (City & State):
    Hoodsport, Washington
    58ADE2D2-EE71-4DED-BBE4-3099D5143035.jpeg A74CB07D-AE8B-4ABE-97F1-C08ECDEEF5B5.jpeg 030315D2-508B-48D7-82B4-D1204B026A46.jpeg So I got one of the track systems with a supernova lite, and the dust collector hose brackets.
    I found that the two flexible arms that came with it, were almost impossible to bend the way I needed it. They are extremely stiff and two of them could probably hold up a small hippo!
    I just took one off, drilled a center hole to remount to the plate. Now it moves much easier, and I used the extra gooseneck to make my luster lite reach farther. It was the same threads as the ones on the luster lite. Now; if they would start putting longer cords on the lights, it’d be great.
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