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Keith Burns passes

Discussion in 'Woodturning Discussion Forum' started by john lucas, Jan 12, 2021 at 6:51 PM.

  1. john lucas

    john lucas AAW Forum Expert

    Apr 26, 2004
    Location (City & State):
    Cookeville TN USA
    I don't know how many of you knew Keith. He was from the Memphis area and worked with their club. He was always at the TAW symposiums running the Carter tools Booth. I had many conversations with him. What a heck of nice guy. I miss him already. So sad. He got the Covid virus and just couldn't beat it. His wife is still getting over the virus. Be careful out there folks. Keith was in good health and not that old. Hits home when a friend who is your age gets the virus and dies. My deepest sympathies to the family and all his friends. He had many.
  2. Ron Solfest

    Ron Solfest

    Jan 22, 2009
    Location (City & State):
    Sorry to read this.

    I had another friend die from Covid in November :(

    Vaccines are on the way, the cavalry is coming, but be safe and wear masks so we don’t have to read many more of these.

    RIP Keith Burns
  3. Bill Boehme

    Bill Boehme Administrator Staff Member

    Jan 27, 2005
    Location (City & State):
    Dalworthington Gardens, TX
    Home Page:
    That is very sad news. Keith has been a forum member for over fifteen years and was a very talented woodturner. Here is a link to Keith Burns Gallery Page.
  4. Tom Gall

    Tom Gall

    Feb 20, 2013
    Location (City & State):
    Hillsborough, NJ
    Very sad news. Always a shame when we lose one of our most talented artists in our woodturning community.
  5. Don O. Jr.

    Don O. Jr.

    May 4, 2004
    Location (City & State):
    Schenectady, NY
    How very sad to hear but thanks for letting us know. His work has always been an inspiration that I could only dream of realizing. My condolences to his family and friends.

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