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Dice shaker cup

Oct 14, 2019
Mukwonago, Wisconsin
I want to make some dice shaker cups. The turning part is easy. I'm trying to figure out a way to add padding to the rim. Most shaker cups are leather or vinyl and have an inherent padding property to them. Any suggestions on what I can attach to the top of a turned cup that looks attractive and won't damage a table top when slammed down?
Aug 14, 2007
Eugene, OR
A project I have considered, but never attempted. The stumbling block for me was the ridges on the inside to help the dice tumble out rather than slide. I have thought it would best to have an inner wood cup, and a padded outside of some sort. There is a product or two where you apply an adhesive and then sprinkle felt powder onto it, but don't think that would be good padding to prevent dents. Dents from banging the bottom of the cup to rattle the dice around and also on the top of the cup from, shall we say slamming the cup down on the table for the roll....

robo hippy
Jul 19, 2018
Ponsford, MN
One thought I had is to make a say 1/4" groove with a tenon in the center in the rim before the final inside and outside dimensions are complete, then fill with silicon calking. When the calk is set up turn off the wood on the inside and outside, then round off the calk.
Note: I have not tried this it is just an idea that may or may not work and will definitely require some trial and error to perfect it.


AAW Advisor
Staff member
Beta Tester
Apr 27, 2004
Lakeland, Florida
Leather would be a good covering. You need something that will wear well.
you can get leather cord in various diameters thin cord could be used to lace a strip of leather over the rim Through drilled holes.
a thick leather cord could be glued into a shallow recess turned in the rim. Two long diagonal cuts can be joined to hide the joint where the cord comes together.

you could also cast a rim with resin or pewter

Need a resin that cures with a tiny bit of flex. I don’t do much resin casting but lots of folks do.

pewter might work
a pewter rim is easy to cast and its softer than wood it will get dinged up if struck hard but a rounded pewter rim probably won’t damage a hardwood table. Pewter melts at around 450 so it does not scorch wood or cardboard molds. You can turn it. Pewter does not stick to wood so it either needs to be glued in place after casting or cast using a dove tail recess to hold it in place. Pewter can be turned with lathe tools.

for one of - you can melt pewter in a tin can with a torch and pour it using welders gloves or bbq tongs to handle the can.
i melt pewter in a cheap lead melter that is used by folks who cast sinkers or bullets. Rule number 1 hot metal looks like cold metal only touch cold metal.

felt - you can glue it on and cut the edge clean with a skew point down. It won’t wear as well as leather but should last a few years with moderate abuse.
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Jul 26, 2016
You can get O-ring material in various diameters on rolls and cut them to length, you can also get some of the material in different colors.
A clean square cut on both ends and they are glued together with various glues depending on the choice of material.