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Steven Garrison

Cherry Globe

Another globe I made a few years ago. This one is made of cherry with dyed oceans and pyrographed country, state, and continental boundaries. Constructed with polyhedral construction as 60 hexagons, and 12 pentagons. It was way too big to fit on my old Rockwell lathe, so I made a special lathe-like jig for it where it was turned by hand, and a router did the cutting. The globe itself measures 18 inches diameter, and is supported on a black granite base by a meridian arm and steel axle.

Cherry Globe
    • hockenbery
      I like doing smaller globes with sandblasting.
      Your globe is special...
    • Paul Lajoie
      Now that is a excellent piece! Thank you for sharing. Must have taken a couple hrs or three!

    • Rating:
      Russ Braun
      Lots of nicely executed work!
    • Steven Garrison
      @hockenbery, thanks! I've tried sandblasting before without much success, what abrasive media do you use if you don't mind me asking?
    • hockenbery
      I use coarse ground glass as a media most of the time.

      The December 2016 AAW journal has an article I wrote for the journal.
      It includes a list of equipment and materials.

      It is sort of the Florida issue, Dixie Biggs, Don Geiger, Walt wager are in the issue too. The article has details on the process I use and it includes a sidebar on doing a globe using gores strips
    • Steven Garrison
      Thanks for the information, I had tried 80 grit garnet before and it was really slow. I think that was more from my compressor not having enough capacity, and pressure dropping too fast. Is there a big difference between using a pressure pot versus siphon? I've heard that the pressure pot gives the abrasive more velocity.
    • hockenbery
      Coarse ground glass is 24-40 grit.
      Main advantages of a pressure pot is It can run at less than 60 psi taking less air than a siphon feed gun That runs at 90 psi and you have an accurate count of how many times the media has been reused.
      Disadvantages are that you need to fill the media pot. Mine doesn’t feed the media well when it gets to a 1/4 tank of media.
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    Jun 18, 2020
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